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save face

save face  {v. phr.}
Спасать хорошую репутацию, популярность или достоинство, когда что-то случается или может навредить; скрывать то, что может вызвать чувство стыда.
The policeman was caught accepting a bribe; he tried to save face by claiming it was money owed to him.
Bill would not play in the game because he knew he could not do well and he wanted to save face.
The colonel who lost the battle saved face by showing his orders from the general.
Контр.: LOSE FACE.
- face-saver  {n.}
The shop teacher's note was a face-saver when another teacher thought John and Bill were playing hookey in town.
- face-saving  {adj.}
The note was a face-saving idea.
- face-saving  {n.}
Face-saving is not helped by too many invented excuses.
Категории: human dignity {adj.} {n.} {v. phr.}