shut up

shut up  {v.}
1.  {informal} Прекращать разговоры.
Little Ruthie told Father about his birthday surprise before Mother could shut her up.
- Часто используется в качестве команды; обычно считается грубым.
Shut up and let Joe say something.
If you'll shut up for a minute, I'll tell you our plan.
2. Закрывать окна и двери.
We got the house shut up only minutes before the storm hit.
3. Закрывать и запирать на определенные период времени.
The Smiths always spend Labor Day shutting up their summer home for the year.
We got to the store only to find that the owner had shut up shop for the weekend.
4. Ограничивать.
That dog bites. It should be shut up.
John has been shut up with a cold all week.
Категории: rude time {informal} {v.}