take off

take off
take off  {v. phr.}
1a. Быстро покидать; срываться с места; убегать.
The dog took off after a rabbit.
1b.  {informal} Уходить; покидать.
The six boys got into the car and took off for the drug store.
2. Отправляться на авиарейсе, взлетая подниматься вверх, отрываться от земли.
A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up or down.
3.  {informal} Забавно пародировать; копировать действия или речь, присущие кому-л.
He made a career of taking off famous people for nightclub audiences.
At the party, Charlie took off the principal and some of the teachers.
4. Брать отгул и отсутвовать на работе.
When his wife was sick he took off from work.
Bill was tired out so he took the day off.
Категории: career {informal} {v. phr.}