2. Knives

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It is time to talk about chef’s essentials — about cooking-knives

Good news: about the tachi-knife — you most likely will not need this type of knives, may be except the cases when you need to scare away the bothersome household, breaking into your kitchen with a question: "But when will the dinner be ready?" ;-).
For the true cook his favorite knife is very special. The knife is being cared of and cherished. The Knife is being trusted. But the knife, in turn, trusts only you.
Surely you have noticed that once caught up in the wrong hands your faithful Kitchen Knife begins to behave strange, and in severe cases, run out of obedience, trying to cut you ;-). This is because the true cook (that is truly loving their job) and the knife are always in inherently intimate relations. And once, getting into rude and cold strangers hands, you knife is trying to avenge.
You see, others are not aware of the knife behaviour, they can blunt the knife, chop it off, or even kill it by breaking the knife's tip.
If you have not guessed yet, I will explain:

Self respecting Cook treats his Knife as a living being

The choice of the steel assistant is a separate consideration.
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