1. Planning the Interior

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First of all let's settle with the kitchen furniture and it's proper layout — with the kitchen interior

I am going to let the cat out of the bag now (however, probably someone already has a vague idea). The feeling of tiredness after preparation of a dinner party for, let's say, 10 persons is 70% cased by nonoptimal kitchen interior.

How do we usually get away with the kitchen interior?

Just so, we group the furniture around pre-installed kitchen stove and the sink.

And what do we get?

That's right, lots of absolutely unpractical movements and motions over the kitchen. An then, finally we find ourselves utterly exhausted, sitting on the kitchen stool, thinking about our damned varix and trying to recall the name of the anti-edema cream seen in the latest TV trailer.

How to avoid this kitchen tiredness? We will find out next time

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