wind up

wind up  {v.}
1. To tighten the spring of a machine; to make it work or run.
Mary wound up the toy car and let it run across the room.
He doesn't have to wind up his watch because it is run by a battery.
2. To make very excited, nervous, upset. — Usually used in the past participle.
The excitement of her birthday party got Jane all wound up so she could not sleep.
3.  {informal}
To bring or come to an end; finish; stop.
John got two hits and wound his afternoon up with a home run.
Before Jim knew it, he had spent all his money and he wound up broke.
The boys followed the path to the left and wound up where they started.
Syn.: END UP.
Compare: FINISH OFF, TURN OUT (6).
4. To put (your business or personal affairs) in order; arrange; settle.
Fred wound up his business and personal affairs before joining the Navy.
5. To swing your arm with the ball just before pitching to a batter.
The pitcher wound up quickly and then threw a curve.
Categories: business {informal} {v.}