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odds are against
[odds are against] {v. phr.} The likelihood of success is not […]

on easy street
[on easy street] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Having enough money to live […]

on one's coattails
[on one's coattails] {adv. phr.} Because of another's merits, success, or […]

on one's shoulders
[on one's shoulders] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In your care; as […]

on the road
[on the road] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1. Traveling; moving from […]

on top
[on top] {adv.} or {adj. phr.}, {informal} In the lead; with […]

out of one's shell
[out of one's shell] {adv. phr.}, {informal} Out of one's bashfulness […]

pan out
[pan out] {v.}, {informal} To have a result, especially a good […]

pave the way
[pave the way] {v. phr.} To make preparation; make easy. * […]

play a waiting game
[play a waiting game] {v. phr.} To withhold action until one's […]