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put out

put out  {v.}
1. Гасить пламя или свет; тушить; выключать.
Please put the light out when you leave the room.
The firemen put out the blaze.
2. Готовить к выпуску; изготовлять; делать, готовить.
For years he had put out a weekly newspaper.
It is a small restaurant, which puts out an excellent dinner.
3. Вкладывать или одалживать деньги.
He put out all his spare money at 4 percent or better.
4. Сердить; раздражать; надоедать.
It puts the teacher out to be lied to.
Father was put out when Jane spilled grape juice on his new suit.
5.  {informal} Причинять неудобства; беспокоить.
He put himself out to make things pleasant for us.
Will it put you out if I borrow your pen?
6. Запятнать (в бейсболе).
The runner was put out at first base.
7. Отчаливать; покидать.
A Coast Guard boat put out through the waves.
8.  {vulgar},  {avoidable} (О женщинах) легко соглашаться на сексуальную связь.
It is rumored that Hermione gets her promotions as fast as she does because she puts out.

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